=====>> HEY BUSINESS OWNER!!! <======


Just thought I’d share some info with all the business owners who are constantly looking to improve. 

We all see a lot of bad marketing all the time. And sometimes it’s really bad . . .

Here’s some tips that may help if you struggle with getting your message and brand out to your market.

If you slow down a step and think through these FIVE UNIVERSAL OBJECTIONS TO MARKETING it will help you to be (1) more effective and (2) more efficient with your marketing posts and efforts in general. Please let us know if you have any questions. I’d be glad to help.

1. No Time ——> Anecdote: Make your “copy” VALUABLE. If they perceive value then they will make time.

2. No Interest ——> Anecdote: People care about the results they want and the problems they have. Focus on the results and solutions you will provide.

3. No Difference ——> Anecdote: People get saturated with the same message packaged the same way. Stand out by being different.

4. No Belief ——> Anecdote: SHOW/DEMONSTRATE that you can provide the solution and results. Prove that you’ve done it before or do it first.

5. No Decision ——> Anecdote: Make the next decision an easy one. Ask them to get ice cream in a public place rather than get married.

Again, please let me know if I can help you! There’s plenty of room in the market for everyone to win!

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