Change Your Expertise

For most business owners, they begin with a certain level of expertise. When someone starts a cleaning service company, it’s most common that they used to work as a professional janitor or maid and decided they wanted to go to work on their own. That’s awesome. And they have a tremendous skill set and expertise.

But what they don’t have most often is expertise with people. And that’s ultimately why new businesses struggle. The owner is great at the technical piece, but struggle with the personnel. And what ultimately makes a business go and fail is people.

As an owner moves into business for himself/herself, it’s crucial that they begin to change their focus and center of expertise. They have to move from the tangible to the intangible. From the cleaning or glass, or drywall, etc. and towards leading people.

This isn’t easy. Especially for someone who has never needed to do it. But it’s absolutely crucial. And it’s not just about changing your expertise, but also re-centering the focus of your time and attention. Yes, processes and product must be set and perfected. But once that happens, the people must piece must be owned and expertly handled by the leader. That’s ultimately what will make the business successful.


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