I’m a Christian, Husband, Father of five, Pastor and small business owner – in that order. We define ourselves in so many ways . . . by our heritage, our failures and successes, our family, careers or reputation. I suppose that list could go on for some time. For me, my identity is rooted in my faith. I am an unashamed follower of Jesus Christ. If that bothers you, well, I would say that this forum might not be for you. If it doesn’t, then terrific. Please journey with me.

This being said, I do wear all those hats. And they do contribute to my collective identity. Many know me as pastor or minister. Many know be as a partner in business, helping them to grow and reach their goals. And those closest to me know me as Husband, Daddy, son and brother. I cherish those titles and relationships.

How are you known and identified? More importantly, where do you root your identity?